Lot 4 – SOLD OUT

405 NW 19th St — SOLD OUT FOR 2017 SEASON

Gator Parking and Tailgating Lot #4


Lot 4 has mature oak trees that provide plenty of shade for those hot early games, and a laid back atmosphere perfect for families and folks that just want to enjoy good food and friendships before heading to see the Gators play.

  • Most tailgating spaces are approximately 17′ long by 9′ wide.
  • Spaces 1-40 include 10amps of power on a dedicated, exterior, GFI protected circuit accessible right near your space (the “+” symbols on the map). You provide the extension cord and can plug in TVs, fans, lights, or whatever else you would typically bring to a tailgate, and leave the generator behind!
  • The shared “drive area” needs to be available for vehicles to get in and out, but can also be used for tailgating.
  • Spaces 5-9 and 21-40 get lots of shade from 3 mature oak trees on the property.
  • Spaces 43-48 are for cars 17′ or shorter that can “hop” the curb to park.
  • Spaces 2 and 12 are shorter due to telephone poles on the edge of the property
  • Lot 4 has a rental house and guest cottage on the property. The residents may or may not be tailgating on game day and their electrical power, cable feed, bathrooms, etc. are for their use only. Gator Parking provides portlets onsite for your use.
  • Lot 4 is owned by Clayton Kallman

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